Ecological Fumigation

In 2007, the company proceeded with investment in and installation of six ecological fumigation chambers. The ecological fumigation process applied via the ECO2 Modified Atmosphere Method represents an innovative global patent, and is carried out through the use of sophisticated machinery and modern electronic systems, with no human intervention throughout the entire process. Testing is performed via satellite, between Greece and the Netherlands, the country where the company that installs the relevant equipment is located.

To date, rice processing companies in Greece have relied on chemicals, such as hydrogen phosphide and methyl bromide – the residue of which is harmful to humans – to achieve disinfestation of their products. Furthermore, this method does not guarantee total elimination of insects or their remains.

With the ecological fumigation method, and through a Modified Atmosphere, the necessary conditions are created which lead to the eradication of insects of every stage, in an environmentally sound manner. The main advantages of this method include:

  • No insects or insect remains stay in the product.
  • No chemicals are used, so there are no toxic residues harmful to human health.
  • It is an environmentally friendly process.
  • It is internationally recognised.
  • It is a competitive advantage for the company implementing it.
  • The right to cite the relevant certification on the packaging of the product is granted, informing the consumer and setting the product apart from the competition.

Finally, ours is the only company in Greece, among the rice product processing and standardisation plants, that implements this specific method, and we also have the largest unit for its implementation. Abroad, this method is used by large multinational corporations.

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