Vision and Values


Our vision pertains to our growth and development in the food manufacturing market, offering our high-quality and safe products to consumers in Greece and abroad, while continuing to honour our values and respect mankind and the environment.

Our Mission

To continue growing through well-planned investments and innovation, in order to provide consumers with high-quality products and to contribute, in this manner, to ensuring balanced nutrition.

  • Quality: At every stage of the manufacturing process, we apply the finest methods, in order to ensure the superior quality of our products.
  • Respect, Accountability and Environmental friendly: Towards our employees, clients, suppliers, society, consumers, and the environment.
  • Development: Daily evolution and development in order to achieve our objectives pertaining to further strengthening our presence in the Greek and International markets.
  • Commitment: To our people, our job, our products, our traditions, our environment and our country.
  • Courage: We are receptive to any innovation that can aid in improving our products and forging new paths.