Who we are

Arnaoutelis S.A. was founded by Antonios Arnaoutelis, and has had its registered offices in Lamia, regional unit of Pthiotis, since its founding in 1953. A Greek company in every aspect, it is active in the field of processing and standardisation of rice products, and is a leader in the field of the design, manufacturing and marketing of Private Label products, supplying all major retailers of the domestic and international markets. The company, located on a privately-owned space with a surface area of 20,000 m², which combines the most advanced machinery with the most modern manufacturing methods and strict quality standards, produces and markets excellent, safe, and high-quality rice products.

It is the only company in its field, in Greece, to apply the internationally recognized ECO2 Modified Atmosphere Method at its facilities, thus achieving ecological fumigation of its products. In this way, the use of toxic substances which are harmful to humans is avoided. The final product is 100% free of insects, while at the same time safeguarding the environment.

The company employs highly trained staff, rice producers, agronomists, and experienced food technologists, who focus on the tasks of producing high-quality, safe products, as well as on the development of new innovations to meet the growing needs of the modern consumer.

Finally, the company’s main goal is to maintain its position as a leader in the Greek market in the sale of private-label products, to develop new innovations to meet the needs of the modern consumer, and to strengthen its own export activity.